Take a look, it's in a book!

Library Log

I love going to the library, it's always been a safe haven for me since I was a kid. I've decided to dedicate this page to the books I check out from my local library, as well as a few thoughts on them. Local libraries are incredibly important resources for all, especially those of lower income, but everyone is free to enjoy them.

If you are a US resident like myself, I believe its very important to visit your library when you're able, if there's a book you want to read. If people don't use the facilities, then they aren't able to easily secure funding, which meand that eventually they may close down or need to downsize their collection, making them less appealing to visit for the average person. Simply checking out books is the easiest way to support one of the most important pillars of the community.

Plus it's free! Free access to knowledge is one of the most powerful resources any given community can have.

Please support your local library!

DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse any politics or beliefs held by the authors. It is my opinion that access to knowledge is a way to expand your experiences and do not believe in book censorship in any form, nor do I believe reading books endorses any messages or ideas held by the book or the author.

Spoilers abound! Read at your own risk!

Title Author Genre Date read
Speaker for the Dead Card, Orson Scott Sci-fi 2010
After Alice Maguire, Gregory Fairy Tale 2023/09
One Punch Man One Action 2023/09
Camp Damascus Tingle, Chuck Horror 2023/09
Yona of the Dawn Kusanagi, Mizuho Fantasy 2023/09
The Last Unicorn Beagle, Peter S. Fantasy 2023/09
Illuminations Kingfisher, T Fantasy 2023/10
Final Girl Support Group Hendrix, Grady Horror 2023/10
The Liminal Zone Ito, Junji Horror 2023/10
The Woods are Always Watching Perkins, Stephanie Thriller 2023/11
Masterpiece Collection Vol. 10: Frankenstein Ito, Junji Horror 2023/11
1984 Orwell, George Dystopian 2023/12
Dont Trust the Cat Tracy, Kristen Body Swap 2023/12
Turtle Bread Kim-joy Cooking 2024/01
Ancient Magus' Bride Yamazaki, Kore Fantasy 2024/01
I am only a foreigner because you do not understand Nichols, L Memoir 2024/01
This Spells Disaster Martin, Tori Anne Romance 2024/01
The Mutations Comensal, Jorge Comedy 2024/02